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Design Report

The team recently submitted this year’s design report and spec sheet.

Even though it was submitted only 4 minutes before the deadline, it included a kick ass full car model in SolidWorks! We beleive it came out very well.

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e240n Recently, we have machined the mounts that will hold the differential in place at the rear of the car. Since we have already received the Honda ATV differential that we will be using, we are now ready to align and install the differential. Once that is complete, we will be able to look into the specific axles we will need and get the car one step closer to rolling.


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play wacky wordies online This year’s uprights are machined by Mastercam out of 6061 alumnium. They will be ready this week for the wheel bearings to be pressed in.


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The machines at Mastercam far exceed the machines in our shop. Having Mastercam do the machining freed up a lot of time for the team to work on other projects.

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Every vehicle must be able to propel itself forward and, conversely, stop under its own power. This is where a brake system comes into play.

The design of a brake system requires system integration of multiple complex components. This must be done in a manner that fulfills the specification requirements of the official rules as well as the demands of our vehicle. The packaging of the brake system within the frame has been a challenge this year because the frame does not allow for longitudinal placement of the pedal/master cylinder assembly. This has been addressed by creating a subspace for reverse pivoting pedals.

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Frank Maratta

The team enjoyed its time at the Frank Maratta auto show this past weekend. We were able to speak to hundreds of interested people about our project.

A joint UConn FSAE and Lime Rock Park team competed in the annual Pit Crew Challenge and finished with a blazing time of 44 seconds.

Thank you again to Mark Hann from Victory MotorSports Marketing Services for your help with the show.

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The exhaust design for the 2011 car will be a steel 4-2-1 setup consisting of each of the exhaust primary lengths being paired into two secondary lengths, which will then be paired once more into one final exhaust tube. Now that the motor mounts and seat are complete and the motor is in place, the exhaust port jig made up last year will once again be used to fabricate headers.

Once headers are complete and exhaust flanges added, headers can be installed and the tertiary length and muffler can be configured and installed according to Formula SAE rules and regulations. Depending upon delivery of components, projected completion of the entire exhaust system is the end of February. Dynamometer testing and tuning can then be performed on the engine comprising of the intake and exhaust systems.


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